Let's be honest, everyone loves a fresh & modern bathroom and kitchen!


At AAA REFURBISHING, we can help you love your kitchen and bathroom again. With AAA REFURBISHING, you can have a beautiful bathroom that can be your sanctuary for relaxation and cleansing with almost no time, with minimal fuss and the smallest expense. We use only the premium products to give you a great-looking and long-wearing result.

Give your bathroom a fresh look by resurfacing a bathtub, spa bath refurbishing or resurfacing the tiles. Choose to resurface both or simply the areas that most need it, such as a chipper or dated bathtub. Our bathroom refurbishing service will leave your tiles and your bath looking fresh, modern, and clean and absolutely new.

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Expert Bathroom tile resurfacing in Sydney

Resurfacing bathroom tiles

Resurfacing a bathtub with your bathroom tiles and your bath/shower is an affordable and practical alternative to replacement. Purchasing new tiles can be expensive and the process of removing and installing them can take weeks and even months. If you have tiles, bath and/or shower that has become porous, or you are not happy with the colour of your fixtures; there is no need to strip out these elements.

A new coating over the wall tiles & bath will revitalise your bathroom to appear brand new at a fraction of the cost and time spent on replacement. Our premium refurbishing products and quality workmanship mean that the end result is both good looking and highly durable. You will be back to splashing and luxuriating within 24 hours and with money left in your pocket.