We specialise in high quality resurfacing of kitchens & bathrooms across Sydney and most of the Sydney suburbs.

You deserve an efficient, trustworthy, and polite expert to visit you every time you schedule a service. That is why we assess each professional’s performance based on client feedback to assure a service of real value to you.


Bath and spa bath repair

Whether your bathtub contains scratches, rust, cracks, holes, or general staining, our repair service will correct the issue by cleaning and repairing the surface until it looks as good as new. We will assist you with prominent tub resurfacing solutions with customised services.

Bath repair
Bath refurbishing and refinishing

Bath refurbishing and refinishing

Our refurbishing and refinishing service includes the removal of stain and rust, repairing faults and finishing by applying our unique surfacing product.

resurfacing bathroom and kitchen tiles

AAA REFURBISHING offers the best cost-effective method for transforming the colour decor of existing tiles in your bathroom/ kitchen. This service is carried out by removing mold in bathroom tiles, repairing chips, removing silicon and applying our unique products in a clear beautiful white colour. We can repair and refurbish ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, marble, porcelain, granite, metal, and wood.

Resurfacing bathroom tiles



Resurfacing is a method whereby bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be prepared and resurfaced instantly without removal using a coating system specifically formulated and manufactured for use in the bathroom and kitchen environment.

Site inspections and quotations are free. The best approach is to arrange a convenient time for an inspection and written quotation. You are then able to get all your questions answered and ensure the best possible result.

Our prices range according to the size & space and not how much time is required. Unlike renovations that can cost tens of thousands of $$$, our services are affordable and reasonable.

Yes. No matter what the original colour is, it can be changed.

Our applicators use a conventional air pressure system to achieve a smooth and gloss finish.

Solvent fumes are removed by fan-forced evacuation through flexible ducting to the atmosphere. Moreover, the fumes are not harmful if inhaled whilst the job is being undertaken.

After the service is complete, individuals are able to use the bathroom or kitchen with an interval of 24 hours.

A properly maintained surface should provide many years of service and enjoyment for the consumer. This will depend on cleaning standards, avoidance of accidental damage, and misuse.